Time is Money

Alternate Funding Arrangements

There is a chance that you might be able to acquire funding for your project from a different source. Before submitting an application to us, we ask that you first investigate the availability of funding from other public and charitable sources, such as those listed here. There is a lot of competition for our grants, so in order for us to make a decision, you will need to demonstrate to us that you have tried every other possible source of funding and that none of them have been successful.

The Heritage Funding Directory can assist you in locating the resources you require to make a heritage project in the United Kingdom a success if you are working on such a project there!

A Directory of Donors to Heritage Organizations

Funding Databases

It does this by compiling the funding databases of both The Heritage Alliance and the Architectural Heritage Fund!

As a result, it gives users access to more than 500 opportunities for grants, loans, awards, scholarships, and other forms of "in kind" funding. The Directory contains entries on a wide variety of subjects, some of which are as varied as industrial heritage, archives, historic churches, museums, archaeology, the environment, heritage skills and conservation, and historic architecture, landscapes, parks, and gardens. Because the Heritage Alliance is not responsible for the administration of the various funding schemes listed in the Directory, questions concerning individual funding streams should be directed to the organizations that provide those streams rather than to the Heritage Alliance. On the ChurchCare website, churches can find helpful information about how to raise money for upkeep, repairs, and expansion of their facilities. More than 8,000 different charitable organizations' contact information and mission statements can be found on the website Funds Online, which is hosted by the Directory of Social Change.

Charity Powered by the Earnings from the State and National Lotteries

The revitalization of our cultural traditions

The National Lottery Heritage Fund doles out grants to organizations that work to preserve and revitalize our cultural traditions using the money that is generated by the sale of lottery tickets. Visit the website of the National Lottery Heritage Fund for further information. The Museum Estate and Development Fund in England accepts applications for grants of between £50,000 and £5,000,000 from museums that do not hold national accreditation (MEND). For further information, please see the website for the Arts Council of England.

Funding Opportunities for the Conservation of Heritage

Terms and conditions of the grant

If we decide to make a grant offer, we will send you an invitation to sign a contract with us. You are obligated to comply with the conditions of the grant that are outlined in the contract. When you are planning your project, it is imperative that you keep in mind that all recipients of grants are required to abide by the Procurement Regulations. You are required to hire professional consultants and contractors through an open and competitive process the majority of the time. After you have finished the works that were funded by the grant, you are still required to comply with certain conditions of the grant. If your project involves repairing something, for instance, you will typically be required to allow access to the general public once the repairs are finished. These requirements for public access will take into account the significance of the site as well as its natural characteristics. You will additionally be responsible for the upkeep of the site.