United kingdom landmarks: Tourist Attractions in Britain and Their Famous Landmarks

United kingdom landmarks: Tourist Attractions in Britain and Their Famous Landmarks
United kingdom landmarks: Tourist Attractions in Britain and Their Famous Landmarks

Britain is undeniably one of the most breathtaking locations on the planet. If you are planning a trip to the United Kingdom, you should definitely take time to see some of the many famous landmarks the country has to offer.

The city of London attracts over 30 million visitors annually, but there is so much more to see and do in the United Kingdom. As you explore more of the United Kingdom landmarks, you'll get to see the various unique landmarks that can only be seen in certain parts of the country. Scotland, Wales, and England all have distinct histories and cultures that make them uniquely interesting travel destinations. Here is a list of the 61 most notable attractions in Britain.

You can escape the city and spend time in nature, or you can learn about the history of important architectural feats; either way, you'll find something to your liking.

Sixty-one locations in the UK

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  • We've compiled a list of 61 iconic buildings and structures in the United Kingdom
  • The London Skyline with the London Eye
  • Big Ben, located in London, Windsor castle, St. Michael's mount, Seven sisters cliffs
  • The National Cathedral of England, Westminster Abbey
  • London, England's Tower, Cardiff castle, Brighton palace pier, Fort william
  • Tower Bridge and Covent Garden in London, natural history museum, St. Paul's cathedral
  • Buckingham Palace is located in London, England, Blackpool tower royal residence
  • The London Skyline with the London Eye, Edinburgh castle

The London Eye is one of the most famous landmarks in the entire country. The 32 capsules famous landmark that make up this massive Ferris wheel, which spins above the River Thames and gives riders a bird's-eye perspective of the city, each represent one of London's 32 boroughs. Taking a spin on the London Eye is a great way to spend an afternoon since you get to see the city's beautiful skyline from a whole new angle. In the most luxurious pods, you can even relax with a glass of champagne. Every person should see the London Eye at least once. It serves as a symbolic representation of the city and is therefore widely recognized.

The Big Ben Clock Tower in London, England

Big Ben is located to the north of Westminster Palace, close to the Thames River. It's fun to visit London on the hour and hear Big Ben's chimes echo through the city. Every resident of London ought to make this a priority. Big Ben, a national icon of Britain, has stood for close to two centuries.

Throughout the day, people from all over the world flock to see this iconic clock. An excellent photo opportunity presents itself here, as the gothic architecture of Big Ben makes for a striking background contrast to the classical architecture of Westminster.

The National Cathedral of England, Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the place where the royal family gathers to celebrate important life events like weddings and coronations. Go inside this gothic-style cathedral near the legislature to admire the beautiful stained glass windows and ancient tombs. You should seriously consider fitting it into your London itinerary, if you only have four days.

The cathedral is a large building that has played an important part in the history of the British monarchy. There are astonishing things within and outside of the Abbey. Tiny statues adorn the entryways, and the towers themselves are works of art. Due to their proximity, the church should be seen either before or after a trip to Big Ben.

London, England's Tower

The Tower of London is a famous fortress in London that has stood for the past nine hundred years and has served both as a safe haven for the crown jewels and a prison for criminals. The Tower of London is a must-see on any weekend in London because it is a castle in the middle of the city, something you won't find in too many other major metropolitan areas.

Schedule a tour of this eerie castle to see royal relics and meet the Yeoman Warders, also called Beefeaters, who have historically imprisoned and executed a large number of traitors. The tower's legendary ravens, cared for by the Ravenmaster, may also be seen during feeding time. Even the elderly and the young may enjoy this fun and educational day excursion.

Covent Garden in London, England

Covent Garden is a busy market in London's West End. It encompasses nine blocks of businesses, but most of them converge on the central square, which is filled with unique eateries, chic boutiques, and world-famous chocolatiers.

Whatever your interests, this magnificent British institution has something for you, whether you want to dine at some of London's top local restaurants or just people-watch in the plaza. If you want to get a feel for contemporary London, look no further than this neighborhood.

The United Kingdom’s Most Recognizable and Historic Structures & Architects
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